What the toolkit is for

  • The toolkit has been produced to empower refugee and migrant professionals and those working with them and to equip these two groups with competences and skills they need particularly in terms of intercultural communicative competence.

The toolkit offers two pathways aimed respectively at: supporting refugee and migrant professionals to re-enter their professions and; supporting their teachers and other professionals working with them. Each module includes five parallel units: (1) context & background, (2) finding a job, (3) applying for a job, (4) being interviewed and, (5) starting a job. Each learner module consists of materials designed for self-study plus supplementary materials to extend learning in the thematic areas of the units. Each teacher module consists of the same core materials but designed for classroom use.  Supplementary materials as extensions are included at the end of each unit.

A number of examples related to context and to the professional pathways are country- and context-specific and might need to be readapted to the individual circumstances of learners and teachers. It is also possible to adapt resources and activities to different units from those for which they were designed. Overall, we recommend teachers and learners to choose and use units and resources according to their context, needs and circumstances.

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