Structure to tooklitThe toolkit is made up of a number of units. These can be downloaded below. Module A consists of units for teachers, Module B resources for students or those who do not have access to classes and choose to study independently.

Unit 1 gives an overview of the programme.

Unit 1 Toolkit overview


Download Unit A1

Download Unit B1


Download Unit A1

Download Unit B1

flag UKEnglish

Download Unit A1

Download Unit B1

Unit 2 Finding a jobDesktop worker

Download Unit A2

Download Unit B2

Interactive Activities for Unit 2 – Activity 2

Unit 3 Applying for a job

Download Unit A3

Download Unit B3

Interactive Activities for Unit 3 – Activity 5

Unit 4 The job interview

pexels-photo-416405 smallDownload Unit A4

Download Unit B4


Unit 5 Starting the job

Startup Stock Photos

Download Unit A5

Download Unit B5


Download the Full Toolkit

Full Toolkit for Teachers

Full Toolkit for Learners

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