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The project strategic partnership is composed of Newcastle University (UK), Universitaet Graz (Austria), Fryske Akademy (The Netherlands) and Action Foundation (UK).

Newcastle University

Newcastle University will take a leading role in identifying the profession-relevant communicative, interactional and intercultural needs of highly-skilled refugees as well as the training and skill-development needs of educators, agency professionals, and employment consultants, working with highly-skilled refugees.

The University of Graz and Fryske Akademy will be working with refugee charities locally

University of Graz

The University of Graz will work in close cooperation with Caritas, an international charity with strong local connections, which has substantial expertise in supporting refugees. Caritas will be responsible for advertising the project to refugees, and ensuring the selection of those individuals who stand to benefit most from participation. They will also provide venues which are accessible to participants, and ensure that appropriate health and safety requirements are met. In addition, Caritas will be involved in an advisory capacity in the development of culturally-sensitive teaching and learning materials.

Fryske Academy

The Fryske Academy will be working with OSCE/HCNM (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe / High Commissioner for National Minorities) with whom they have a good ongoing working relationship and will liaise with to provide similar facilities, safeguards, and suitable participants from displaced persons resident in the Netherlands.

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