Pedagogical rationale

The languages used in the toolkit reflect linguistic and pedagogical considerations. From a linguistic perspective, the toolkit is built around the assumption that refugee professionals will have some linguistic capital. Our primary aim is to build on this in order to develop PICC, as opposed to linguistic proficiency in any specific ‘target language’. An additional assumption is that the users of the toolkit will benefit most from enhancing ‘language for mobility’ skills. These will enable them to mediate meaning between their primary cultures, the cultures of the workplace and the prevailing cultures in their host country, or any future place of settlement.

We envisage that, using all their plurilingual resources, learners might engage with input in one language and generate meaning in contextually appropriate ways. To that end, many activities in the toolkit are in English (chosen for pragmatic reasons as a language shared by many professionals) but are written in a way that facilitates and encourages adaptation in and translation to different languages.

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