Introduction to Project

The overriding aim of this toolkit is to improve the professional intercultural communicative competence (PICC) of highly-skilled refugees. PICC refers to the communicative and interactional skills needed by refugee professionals to re-enter the job market. Here, we articulate a framework of PICC applied to seeking, getting and starting jobs in a general professional sphere.

  • This toolkit contributes to the social and professional integration of highly-skilled refugees– people with qualifications as professionals (UNESCO, 2016). It is made up of two training modules, one for teachers and one for learners.
  • The first module ‘Professional intercultural communicative competence for work and life’ is aimed at highly-skilled refugees (e.g., medical professionals, engineers, and teachers) who are seeking to re-enter their professions. It will be helpful for professionals who, having experienced displacement and migration, want to re-enter the job market in a position commensurate with their previous professional status and standing. The second module ‘Teaching professional intercultural communicative competence’ is aimed at educators, including language teachers, and other professionals working with highly-skilled refugees and migrants. It will also be helpful to others such as agency professionals and employment consultants who work to help integrate refugees and migrants into the professional jobs market.

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