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Critical Skills for Life and Work (CSLW) training toolkit: Intercultural communication for refugee professionals

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The overriding aim of the toolkit is to improve the Professional Intercultural Communicative Competence (PICC) of highly-skilled refugees – people with qualifications as professionals (UNESCO, 2016). The focus of PICC is the interactional and intercultural skills needed in professional work settings. The toolkit is intended to contribute to the social and professional integration of highly-skilled refugees.

  • The toolkit will be developed as part of the Critical Skills for Life and Work project (CSLW), a two-year Erasmus + development of innovation project (2017-2019). It comprises two modules, one for teachers to use in classrooms and one for learners working independently. The toolkit marries the key skills and competences identified by research into professional development, with research on what constitutes intercultural and interactional communicative competence in language learners. The toolkit was co-constructed in collaborative development projects with and by refugee-learners, the language teachers who work with them, and researchers in partner countries. It is, therefore, firmly grounded in the needs of each of both learners (refugees) and teachers, and draws heavily on their experiences and ideas to show ways forward for others like them.

Each module includes five parallel units: (1) introduction: context and background, (2) finding a job, (3) applying for a job, (4) being interviewed for a job and (5) starting a job. A set of supplementary resources is also provided for learners and teachers, including examples of professional ‘pathways’ refugees might need to follow to re-enter professions in a new, host society. The learner module is intended for self-access.  The teacher module is aimed at teachers working in classroom settings.

How can you get involved?
  • The quality of this project depends on the invaluable contribution of teachers like you. If you would like to be involved in helping to create relevant and authentic materials for promoting PICC for highly-skilled refugees, please visit the project website and contact one of the partners in your local setting. We look forward to working with you.

Project website at: http://www.cslw.eu/

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