CSLW Meeting in Graz

Research teams from the Newcastle University (Tony Young, Sara Ganassin and Steve Walsh), Fryske Academy (Cor Van der Meer and Anna Fardau Schukking) and University of Graz (Sarah Mercer, Elizabeth Erling, Achilleas Kostoulas, Paige Baralija and Sonja Babic) met in Graz in Austria for a two-day meeting, 5th and 6th July, 2018 (Thursday and Friday). 
Nicola Brooks from Action Foundation joined the meeting via Skype.
On Thursday, the teams discussed the outcomes of the first phase. The focus was on constructs and pedagogical aims of the project for both learners and teachers, PICC (Professional Intercultural Communicative Competence), methodology and co-creation of the materials. The teams started working on the phase two of the project, i.e. creating the Critical Skills for Life and Work training toolkit for highly-skilled refugees.
The toolkit consists of two modules – one for teachers and one for learners. It aims to help highly-skilled refugees to socially and professionally integrate, and thus re-enter their professions. 
Friday, the teams continued working on the toolkit, designed and presented guidelines for co-production for material development. Further, ways of project dissemination were discussed in terms of journal publications, conference presentations, newsletters, website and social media promotion.
Future directions and activities – the teams will continue working on the toolkit development over the next several months and will meet on March 14th – 15th, 2019 in Leeuwarden in Netherlands and discuss dissemination strategies, publications and workshops.
Report by Sonja Babic
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