CSLW at the 21st CultNET meeting

Critical Skills for Life and Work at the 21st CultNET meeting

On April 20th 2018, Sara Ganassin (Newcastle University) presented the international Critical Skills for Life and Work project at the annual CultNET meeting organised by the School of Education at Durham University. CultNET is an international network of researchers on intercultural education and communication, and language teaching set up by Prof Mike Byram (Durham University) in 1997.CultNET

Sara gave an overview of the project, presented aims, context, and partner institutions and shared the progresses made by the team. There was an interesting discussion about theories and methodologies and about the development of resources. The project aims to create a toolkit consisting of two learning and teaching modules aimed, respectively, at professional refugees and at educators, agency professionals, and employment consultants working with them. The toolkit will support highly-skilled refugees to find employment in the professional domain for which they are qualified.

We thank all the CultNETters for their support and suggestions!


You can find more information about CultNET at: https://cultnetworld.wordpress.com/


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